Join the world's foremost value chain for health food and feed protein from plants:
Protein Highway™

The Protein Highway™ helps…

Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Have a great technology or concept that advances our mission of plant protein to feed the world?

End Users

Looking to connect with one of the fastest growing sectors of food production and processing?


Need help taking your plant based protein research into reality?

The Challenge

How do we sustainably feed a growing global population, while attracting the investment needed to provide jobs and opportunities?

The Solution

The US-Midwest/Great Plains and Canadian Prairies region is well positioned to be a key player in the development of value-added plant proteins for domestic and global markets. Working together, we can transform the protein rich crops grown and processed in the region into value-added protein products for human consumption, pet foods and aquaculture.

By uniting the industries, universities and governments of Canada and the United States, we are creating the world’s foremost value chain for health food protein production from plants.

Through collaborative promotion, research, business development and investment, we believe the Protein Highway region will be globally recognized as the region of choice for secure and sustainable production of high- quality plant proteins.

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